In-House self-flashed skylights

Self flashed and deck mounted skylights are installed directly onto the decking of the roof. They are typically used for new cuts in because they must fit the rough opening exactly. These skylights have a lower roof profile than curb mounted skylights. The roof pitch (angle) must be at least 3:12 so that rain will drain off properly.

When ordering self-flashed skylights, provide the outside throat dimensions of the current skylight (the skinny part of the metal frame), inside throat dimensions, or the measurement of the rough opening of the roof.

Can be custom sized up to 108″ x 144″ with acrylic dome(s), insulated glass panel, or polycarbonate panels. They come with an aluminum mill finish retainer and frame, but you have the option of having it painted and baked bronze or with any enamel color of your choice. See our In-House order form. To install, we recommend using NP1 industrial caulking to attach the skylight to the roof opening and then nailing it down and flashing it.

Largest size available = 9.5’ x 8.5’
Custom sized (Acrylic dome only)
Acrylic dome (single/double, white/bronze/clear), flat insulated glass, or polycarbonate panels
Aluminum mill finish retainer and frame
Gutter system for water drainage
Bronze and other color frame painting available