Reimagine your home with skylights

Reimagine your home with skylights

By Dan Marshall, Innovative Skylights


Daylight is inspirational and has shown to improve one’s well-being. A home also can benefit from natural light from skylights by providing better aesthetics, color, definition of space and architectural details when used in remodeling.

Reimagine your home with warm, natural light and fresh air flowing through it. Installing fresh air skylights and sun tunnels will brighten up your home and your life.

Bringing in light from above has several advantages. In the kitchen, bright light helps us to better prepare and serve meals. Skylights and sun tunnels save space by reducing the number of windows needed and allowing for placement of additional cabinetry on walls.

Natural light is less harsh than other lighting and therefore helps enhance your room’s design, and for an added bonus saves on utility bills. Vented skylights in kitchens help get rid of heat from the oven and allow for circulation of fresh air to cool the space and remove odors.

Skylights also can be a welcome addition in bedrooms. Natural light balances your sleep cycle for a more restful sleep and productive day. Installing skylights in bedrooms is an easy way to add natural light without giving up privacy.

Different levels of light control, such as light filtering, blackout or venetian blinds, can be used to achieve the amount of control you desire. Fresh air skylights and blinds can be controlled by remote.

Bathrooms can be moist and steamy rooms. It is important to remove the excess moisture. Fresh air skylights help eliminate excess moisture and condensation, reducing the need for bathroom fans.

Sun tunnel skylights are useful in rooms that are smaller such as closets and laundry rooms, and spaces such as hallways. A sun tunnel transmits a pure, natural light glow as it captures available daylight in a highly reflective, cylinder-shaped tunnel.

Sun tunnels have available solar night light kits to make sure your space is always illuminated no matter the weather or time of day.

Many people assume that skylights and windows are interchangeable. However, awareness of the sun’s rays at different times of the day is key to planning.

A professional skylight installer will help with the correct placement, size and number of skylights needed to achieve the most pleasing and efficient results.

As published in Houston Chronicle.

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