In-House curb mounted and self flashed skylights can be custom sized up to 10 feet by 8 feet and can be made with acrylic dome(s), insulated glass panel, or polycarbonate. They come with an aluminum mill finish retainer and frame, but you have the option of having it painted and baked bronze (or with any enamel color of your choice). We recommend mounting these skylights using hot dipped galvanized self tap screws for rust protection.

– Largest size available = 10’ x 8’
– Custom sized
– Acrylic dome (single/double, white/bronze/clear), flat insulated glass, or polycarbonate panels
– Aluminum mill finish retainer and frame
– Gutter system for water drainage
– Bronze and other color frame painting available

Velux curb mounted skylights come in prefabricated sizes AND can be custom sized up to 99 inches by 150 inches.