Our structural skylight systems create a dramatic look over large areas. Our products are custom made to your architectural specification and needs. We offer a variety of styles, glazes, colors, and frame finishes. Our commercial acrylic skylights are made with a high grade cast acrylic in order to offer a stronger product. We offer a wide variety of light transmittance to meet any customer need. We are also certified dealers and installers for the Wasco and Velux commercial skylights.  Our skylight frames are made of 6063-T5 architectural high grade aluminum. We can also offer frames made of T6 to T7 aluminum. All corners are heliarc welded to ensure a leak proof design.

Innovative Skylights and Attics builds unique skylight systems that are resist leaks. Our one-of-a-kind systems have less leak issues than most other skylight systems in the US because the designs take into account how water transfers from horizontal to vertical gutter systems, facilitating the flow of rainwater and preventing it from collecting in the gutter. Our skylight systems also works with the positive or negative air pressure in the building due to air movement by the air conditioning system. We back up our products with a warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on the quality of our structural skylights for many years.

Please contact us to get custom estimates for your commercial skylights. We can work with architectural design plans for new construction or come out to examine existing structures to determine what types of skylight works best for your needs. If you need skylight repairs, we can also help you find the best solution based on your budget.