Reduce energy cost by up to 30%

SunRise Solar Powered Attic Fans remove heat and moisture from your attic. Unlike conventional passive roof vents which slowly allow hot air to move out of the attic as the temperature of the attic exceeds the temperature outdoors, SunRise Solar Attic Fans actively pull hot air out of your attic. They are powered by the sun to create a constant movement of air within the attic, drawing in the cooler air from outside and blowing out the hot attic air. They are energy efficient, requiring no electricity to run and helping your air conditioner to run more efficiently in cooling your home. Our solar attic fans can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%.

SunRise Solar Powered Attic Fans come fully assembled and require no hook-up. The solar panel is impact resistant, and the top and base are UV-protected. SunRise provides a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 10 year warranty on the solar panel.

SunRise Solar Attic Fans are made in the USA and have accolades such as the 2008 Innovation Award from the Indiana Society of Innovators and the 2010 Indiana Green Business Award. You can feel good knowing that these durable fans are not only environmentally friendly but also meet quality standards and provide jobs for Americans. Moreover, as a solar power product, SunRise Solar Powered Attic Fans are also eligible for a 20% federal tax credit.

Solar attic fans come in the following sizes: CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) 850, 1050, 1250, 1650