Save up to 20% on heating and cooling

Attic Tents insulate and create an air-tight barrier over folding attic stairs. A pull down attic stairway is perhaps the largest hole in your attic floor – a hole through which a tremendous amount of air can flow. Attic Tents are specially engineered, patented insulator, preventing air transfer between your attic and air conditioned space through your attic access. Sealing up the air leaks to your attic reduces energy loss year-round. With up to 20% in savings on heating and cooling, Attic Tents pay for themselves in three years.

Besides the energy savings, Attic Tents also prevent the movement of dust, blown insulation particles, and humidity from the attic into your living areas. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Attic Tents come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against defects.