Velux FCM fixed curb mounted skylights come in prefabricated sizes AND can be custom sized up to 50 ¾ inches by 76 ½ inches. Velux also offers venting curb mounted skylights that open to let in fresh air from the outdoors (solar, electric, or manual venting). Velux skylights are made of insulated laminated glass (white or clear), and the frames are a bronze color. The standard sizes have blinds and flashing kits available. Impact resistant skylights are available for windstorm areas.  Velux skylights are available in the following moddles: VSS (Solar Powered “Fresh Air”), VSE (Electric “Fresh Air”), or VS (Manual “Fresh Air”)

  • Largest custom size available = 50 ¾” x 76 ½”
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Flat insulated glass only
  • Sealed air tight
  • Blinds and flashing kits available for prefabricated sizes
  • Windstorm area TDI approved skylights are available.