Sun Tunnels are an affordable alternative to traditional skylights. In places where a traditional skylight is not feasible, in many cases the Sun Tunnel can be installed.  They are ideal for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, living rooms, closets and in any dark area of one’s home.  The 10” Sun Tunnel illuminates about 100 SF and the 14’ about 200 SF.

They bring in sun light while virtually eliminating the heat of traditional skylights. Also they are practically maintenance free. In many applications, the Sun Tunnel will bring more light into the room than a traditional skylight.

Sun Tunnels, Velux brand of tubular skylights, from inside, look like recessed light fixtures that bathe the room with natural sunlight.

Optional light kits allow Sun Tunnels to function as electric light fixtures at night or in rainy weather so that separate lighting is not needed. Light kits can be used with either compact fluorescent light bulbs or standard light bulbs (50 watt – 10” / 75 watt – 14”).


Velux also makes electronic daylight dimmers.  These are ideal for high ceilings and in areas where you want to operate the dimmer with a switch.


Impact resistant Sun Tunnels are available for windstorm areas.  The impact resistant Sun Tunnels are TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) Windstorm compliant.

The residential Sun Tunnels come in 10” and 14” sizes with a variety of flashings.  In the 14” size, Velux offers curb mount and a flat glass paneled flashing.