Daylighting through the roof in a commercial space with commercial skylights has shown to provide benefits that artificial light cannot offer. This includes minimized glare, significantly reduced energy costs. Studies have indicated that natural light also reduces stress levels and increases productivity

Innovative Skylights offers structural commercial skylights and can help you determine the type and number of skylights needed to obtain a desired lighting level while achieving maximum energy savings. We will work with you to design commercial skylight systems that accent your architecture and work within your budget.

All commercial skylights and sun tunnels meet local building codes while fabrication includes high quality materials to ensure durability. Unique designs ensure that skylights will not leak and that you will be able to enjoy your beautiful skylights for many years.


Structural commercial skylights and sun tunnels bring the beauty of natural sunlight into commercial spaces, boosting energy and increasing productivity while providing energy cost savings.

VELUX offers traditional, hip ridge, and pyramid domes skylights.  VELUX has just revolutionized the commercial skylight market with the introduction of the new VELUX Dynamic Dome, an innovative product that balances the structural demands of industry professionals with an architecturally progressive design.