Benefits of Fresh Air & Natural Light in Your Home

Bring the outside in and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural light in your home. It makes you feel happier and healthier. People feel it is important. In a recent study, 98% of Americans said that a healthy home is important. So what does that mean?

Top Four Reasons Used to Describe Healthy Homes

  1. 96% enjoy the fresh air
  2. 93% value natural light because it is energy efficient
  3. 92% like rooms filled with natural light
  4. 91% treasure the calming atmosphere

All too often people spend most of their time inside. A VELUX® study* found 67% spent more than two-thirds of their time indoors. It is time to make a few changes indoors to lighten the atmosphere and brighten the day.

[ * According to a recent online survey among homeowners conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of VELUX® skylights. ]


4 Benefits of Fresh Air at Home

Our homes breathe. The appliances, carpeting, and furniture add residue to the air. Proper natural ventilation helps reduce unhealthy airborne contaminants and mold promoting humidity.

  1. Let humidity out. We shower, cook, have pets, grow plants and the list goes on. All these things add humidity to the air. An open window vents this excess humidity, lowering the chance for mold.
  2. Vent away airborne chemicals that come from electronics, furniture, and carpets.
  3. Flush out nasty orders. There is the odorous “Oops” that no one wants to admit to.
  4. Increase oxygen. When breathing air from a closed environment, we lower oxygen concentrations.


4 Benefits of Natural Light in Homes

Lighten your mood. Brighten your day. These phrases have been around forever for a reason. Natural light is good for us. Natural lighting systems make us feel good and promote good health.

  1. Give your spirits a boost. Research has shown natural light helps us be happier, more productive and healthier. It also reduces depression and suffering from disorders such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
  2. Promote eye health. Natural light reduces eye strain making it easier to see.
  3. Take your vitamin D. Natural light is a source of vitamin D. It is an essential vitamin for healthy immune systems, weight maintenance, and brain functionality. For those suffering from asthma in helps reduce symptoms.
  4. Save some money. That always brings a smile. Natural light reduces your electric costs.


Remodel Around Air and Light

Remember sunlight and fresh air. Include them in remodeling plans as a way of improving indoor air quality and natural light for a healthier home and better well-being.

When remodeling, consider adding skylights to the project plan. They improve home esthetics and energy efficiency while adding natural lighting and fresh air ventilation options. After all, skylights are windows that let fresh air in. They offer a great way to flush the air after cooking and cleaning. They bring the good in so that we can enjoy the smells and sounds of the seasons.

This spring, VELUX®, the world leader in skylights, will be offering a new smart technology by Netatmo, VELUX®Active, where homeowners have control over their indoor climate on new or existing skylights. This home automation makes it even easier to have a healthy indoor climate. The smart sensor will automatically monitor your home’s temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. According to the local weather, the system will air out 3 times a day for a healthier home. In addition, VELUX INTEGRA® blinds will close proactively based on the local weather forecast. The skylights and blinds can be added to smart home technology, operated remotely with a smartphone.

So when planning to remodel, consider adding skylights and transform your home into a brighter, healthier environment by letting in more natural light and fresh air. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural light in your home!

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