New Skylight Benefits vs Old Skylights

New Skylight Benefits

New skylight benefits include saving money on your utility bills and they completely change the feel of a room. Enjoy a brighter room that feels more spacious.

On warm days, ventilating skylights allow for air circulation by letting the hot air that rises, out. On colder days the sun warms up the space.

Skylights work well in almost any room as well as on outdoors structures such as a patio cover or front porch.


Fixed or Venting Skylights

A fixed skylight has glass that is fixed in place and does not open or close. Venting skylights have glass that raises and lowers either manually, or by electric motor or with solar power. Vented skylights bring in fresh air and light and – when opened – allow excess moisture in kitchens and bathrooms to escape.

With new homes, bringing in fresh air is more important due to how tightly the homes are built. Fresh air helps keep the home healthy.

Today’s skylights technology is smart. Control newer models with intelligent remotes coordinating with smart home automation systems. In addition, solar-powered and electric skylights have rain sensors which automatically close the skylight at the first sign of rain.

Around since the 1900s, today’s skylight models come with guarantees not to leak.

Enjoy today’s dual-paned, clean, quiet and safe skylights . Water disperses evenly, “sheets off” and evaporates quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. There are different choices for glass depending on the climate you live in.


Don’t Forget About Style

Dress up skylights with blinds. They come in many colors and patterns.

Blinds are available in light filtering which softens and diffuses light, Venetian style which gives you control over the amount and direction of light, or room darkening if you prefer the room to be totally dark. All blinds improve energy performance.

To add natural beauty, light and fresh air to any home, replace old skylights or introduce new ones.

Keep in mind that not every skylight will work with every home.

Tip: Match skylight with key element such as roof pitch. Contact Innovative Skylights to determine the best placement of skylights when planning an installation.

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